Wildflowers and Insects

Some small areas of grass are now being left to grow and seed during the summer. We hope that these undisturbed areas will provide a haven for insects and small mammals.

Other areas have been scarified and sown with a meadow mixture of seed. The mix contains over thirty species such as yarrow, common knapweed, cowslip and betony most of which should thrive on our clay soil. Yellow rattle seed was added to the mix because this plant parasitizes grass, weakening the sward so that the wildflowers can establish themselves.

Grave plots provide a variety of micro-habitats for plants and wildlife so some of these have been left undisturbed. The tops of a small number of kerbed graves have been lined with tough plastic sheet and then the soil or stone chippings have been replaced. By trapping rainwater we hope to create damper areas to provide moisture for wildlife.