Trees and shrubs

The established trees within the Cemetery are predominantly evergreen. Irish yews flank the central path, English yews, holly and a number of holm oaks are spread throughout the site. The southern boundary is marked by a row of mature sycamore and lime trees with a rather unkempt hedge beneath, predominantly of hawthorn.

In 2009 Landscape Architects Robert Myers Associates produced a plan and some thirty new trees have been planted since then: evergreens to preserve and enhance the original structure of Loudon’s planting and deciduous specimens to introduce a little colour, blossom and fruit and increase biodiversity.

Ten Cupressus sempervirens ‘Totem Pole’ now border the central cross path which had been ‘lost’ to invading grass and untended shrubs. Varieties of Malus (apple), Cornus (dogwood) and Prunus (plum/cherry) have been planted to contrast with the dark evergreens and to provide blossom and fruits which we hope will attract insects and birds. Near the Victoria Road gate a new hedge has been planted with hawthorn, holly, blackthorn, spindle and field maple.

Viburnum and cotoneaster have established themselves throughout the Cemetery and are now being ‘managed’ to curb their enthusiasm to take over!